Dave on the Issues

We need to look beyond just test scores to provide schools where the whole child can flourish. I strongly support the “adequacy study” legislation currently in the State Legislature and I will fight to ensure that Arlington, Belmont, and Cambridge’s commitment to education is protected.
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I will fight for strong enforcement of the laws that protect our environment and advocate for policies that help lead to development of the alternative energy sector and the creation of green jobs. With my work experience in the green energy sector and at the EPA always in mind, I will be a vigorous champion of environmental causes.
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I believe we must forge a comprehensive solution to our State’s transportation challenges, which must include a long-term revenue solution for the MBTA. I will work tirelessly to bring all relevant stakeholders to the table in order to fashion a state-wide solution to transportation and infrastructure issues.
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I will make controlling healthcare costs a top priority. One possible idea is to move away from a traditional fee-for-service cost structure and toward a so-called “global payments system” where healthcare providers are not paid based on each individual test or procedure, but a flat fee based on the type of condition being treated.
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